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COVID-19: Adapting the Workplace

The NHS Wales Library Service has worked hard to ensure we are delivering a safe environment and service to our service users. 

To do this, we have used the following documentation:

Measures taken in NHS Wales Libraries:

Physical measures



  • Protective screen installed around the enquiry / issue desk

  • Protective Screen installed between the open access PCs


Cleaning of PCs, shared equipment, telephones – wipes available



  • PCs taken out of use to ensure distancing


Ventilation – keep windows open


Posters / Signage around the library around the library

  • 2m Distancing

  • Hand washing reminder

  • Books consulted to be placed on trolley for quarantining

  • Labels on shelves asking users to wash or sanitise their hands before and after touching the book or journal stock.



Working from home on rota to reduce contact

Using laptop and VPN

Work spaces spread out to meet distancing requirements

Working in blocks of days behind issue desk to minimise cross contamination

Staggered lunches and breaks

Teams / zoom meetings instead of face to face where possible



  • Hand sanitiser – pump and wall mounted

  • Anti viral wipes

  • Disposable  gloves

  • Altered ways of working to avoid touching areas that others will have used,

  • Quarantining


Returned books set aside for 72 hours

Users asked to leave books they have used whilst in the library on a designated trolley so  can quarantine  before re-shelving

Headphones set aside for 72 hours

Card machines to take payments instead of cash




Organisations risk assessment completed


Personal risk assessment completed




Have regular group catch ups and discuss measures

Advice from Infection Control

Consulting users on measures

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Contact Us!

If you have any queries, concerns or comments, please contact your local NHS Wales Library.