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Health Information Week 2021

This week is Health Information Week (5th-11th July 2021)

Health Information Week is a national, multi-sector campaign promoting high-quality information for patients and the public.

High quality health information can have a huge impact on people’s ability to stay healthy and manage illnesses effectively, giving them a better quality of life.

This year's daily themes are:

  • Quality Marks (5 July)

  • Health information for children and young people (6 July)

  • Uplifting resources for the NHS from the NHS (7 July)

  • Digital health (8 July)

  • “Oh, I don’t know what to believe…” (9 July)

  • Health information for everyone (10 July)

  • Vaccines (11 July)

For further information about the themes, please see the Resources page on the HIW website

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