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To get full access to all the resources and services the NHSWLS offer, sign up today!



Join the NHS Wales Library Service today

To join the library, please complete the online registration form below. Your details will be sent to your local NHS Wales Library. You will then be contacted with the details of your membership and card collection. 

If you need a reminder of your account details, or if you're unsure if your account is still active, please contact your local NHS Wales Library. 

If you need access to online resources, you will need an OpenAthens log in. To register, or to find out who the OpenAthens administrator for you health board is, please see the NHS Wales eLibrary OpenAthens webpages

For further information regarding the use and storage of your details, please see our Privacy Policy.

Please note that you do not need to complete this form if you already have an existing membership or have applied for membership with your local NHS Wales Hospital Library.

Online Membership form.  

Thank you! Your request has been submitted. Your nominated library will be in contact with you soon to arrange card collection.

Borrower’s responsibilities:

  • I agree to abide by the rules of the library. Please see the Library Services website for the library’s terms and conditions.

  • to inform the Library service of any changes to the information above.

  • to accept responsibility for the cost or replacement of damaged or lost items.

  • to consider other users while working in the library

  • loans are the responsibility of the card holder. Please do not borrow for others with your card.     


Data Protection:  Information held will be maintained in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Your personal information is kept securely at all times and only those persons who are authorised to provide library services within the WHELF Libraries Consortium have access to your data. 

NHSWLS Membership

Alternatively, you can fill out a Membership Registration Form below and take it to your most convenient NHS Wales Library with your staff ID badge, student badge or evidence of NHS Wales employment.

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