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Prince Philip Hospital

Dafen, Llanelli

The library is located along the hotel services corridor within Prince Philip Hospital. Access is available for all staff and students on placement within the health board.

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Prince Philip Hospital Library

About Us

Prince Philip Hospital was built in 1990 when the library was also purpose built to the specifications of the librarian. The library is multidisciplinary with books and journals covering most aspects of medicine and nursing. The library is staffed by one professionally qualified library manager and one member of support staff.

Opening Hours

Out of hours Access / Arrangements :

Access out of hours using the door code given out by the library staff.

Library Facilities / Access

Study and IT facilities:

  • There are approximately 12 study spaces

  • The library has 12 NHS PCs available with 1 networked printer. These are all available out of staffed hours.

  • There is also a training suite of 6 computers available to book through the library.

  • The Cloud Wi-Fi is available for free


Main Services:

  • Literature Searching

  • Article supply

  • Book loans and requests

  • Information literacy support including training in database use (Please call or email to pre-book a session with a librarian)

  • A current awareness service (via email)

  • Binding service (small charge)

  • Photocopying & printing


Joining the Library:

  • To join the library please contact us in person, by phone, email or by completing the online form


Literature Searches:

  • We conduct Literature Searches for research, clinical audit, service improvement, patient information and education

  • Literature searching requests will be accepted face-to-face, over the phone, online, or via email and returned to you via email.


Borrowing Books:

  • You may borrow a maximum of 10 books

  • Loans are for 4 weeks but you can renew on request

  • You will receive regular email reminders about your loans

  • Books not on site can usually be requested in from another library for you


Article & eJournal Access:

  • The majority of journals are now available to NHS Wales staff online. Please visit LibrarySearch for access

  • Articles not available through NHS Wales LibrarySearch can usually be obtained via the library

  • Requests are accepted face-to-face, over the phone, or via email and articles are returned to you via email, or collected directly from the library.


Evidence Summaries:

Library Contact Details

Address : 


Prince Philip Hospital




SA14 8QF

Telephone : 01554 793025

Email : library.princephilip.hdd@wales.nhs.uk

website : www.nhswls.org/PrincePhilip

Librarian Contact Details

Library Manager

Sarah Bruch

Telephone : 01554 782367

Email : library.princephilip.hdd@wales.nhs.uk

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